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A woman’s hair is the secret of her beauty. Every woman is beautiful, but their beauty becomes more portrayed when the hair is well styled. According to a conventional wisdom, no one could style a woman’s hair except another specialist. BBB Afro Salon is very eager to give your hair a classical touch. Visit us today!


  • Full Braids
  • Half Braids
  • Rasta Braids
  • Com-Row
  • Dreadlocks
  • Fixing of Hair Extensions
  • Washing of Hair
  • Hair treatment
  • Sale of Hair Extensions
  • Lace Wig
  • Other Hair and beauty Accessories

Our Offer:

 Hairstyle Afrosalon

Ghana Weave

We make your hair to match the contours of your neck Variety is the spice of life; therefore we help you to change your hair style regularly You have limitless range of styles to choose from
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