About us

We are known as BBB, which stands for Breaking Borders Beauty. We believe that a woman’s hair is the secret of her beauty. Therefore we strive to bring out the beauty in you by giving your hair the appropriate styling.

Our team of professionals learnt the job from childhood and grew up with it; and so, have amassed years of knowledge and experience. The hair textures from the different continents of the world differ greatly. Our team of professionals are trained to neatly braid or weave each hair according to their peculiar texture. With a variety of offers to choose from, we are sure you will be happy coming to us.

Our Services:

  • Full Braids
  • Half Braids
  • Rasta Braids
  • Com-Row
  • Dreadlocks
  • Fixing of Hair Extensions
  • Washing of Hair
  • Hair treatment
  • Sale of Hair Extensions
  • Lace Wig
  • Other Hair and beauty Accessories

We are highly dedicated to our customers. The happiness and satisfaction remains our top priority. Our team are well groomed and able to deliver on the job, keeping in mind health and safety observations.